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If you were unable to attend our Open Senate Meeting where we were able tobring in Stevenson staff and faculty to discuss the topic of textbook prices and availability, please feel free to read the notes below…

Textbook Talk:

  • Library is willing to purchase any textbook and put it on reserve where it will be available for any student to use
    • Instructor just has to contact library to put it on reserve
  • Textbook info comes from the instructor
  • Beginning of March-Papers sent to the instructor to determine books for the fall
  • Prices of books:
    • Not getting a discount on books
    • Can’t match with Amazon, Chegg, etc
  • Selling back books
    • SU will buy back the books they need for the coming semester
    • 40-50% of the new price
  • Bookstore doesn’t order for the whole capacity of the class
  • Daily buyback
  • Rentals are from a third party (SU doesn’t control)
  • Store gift cards can be used at the book store for books
    • 2 different systems
    • In the process of looking at a new web-based system
  • Discounts
    • Loyalty program with the bookstore
    • Discount day/week
  • VCD/School of Design
    • Campus Store used to sell hard drives and art kits but their subscription expired
    •  If the Instructor will send out the info and the bookstore will provide it
  • Shipping
    • They can ship with online orders at the beginning of the semester
    • The mailroom can not hold all those boxes
  • Teachers
    • Professors do not know what classes they are teaching so early in the semester for the next semester. Responsibility then falls on head of each school.
    • Faculty may not know all the options, next step is educating the faculty before the next textbook adoption. Working towards having changed in place next spring
  • Workshops
    • Idea presented for more students to sit in on the workshop and be a representative for the student population
    • Involving students in the department decisions
    • Alternatives for the textbooks
      • Library has many alternatives- ebooks
  • Using book vouchers as a grad student
    • Options allow students to purchase even if they are out of state
  • You can buy the book with your credit card
  • Idea presented to have the bookstore to present much of this and more unknown information at mustang days, orientation days, etc.
  • What can SGA do?
    • Any student can come talk to the bookstore
    • Open door policy
    • Be the student representatives in the workshops
    • Relay this information to the student population

Why join SGA?

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Below is a recap of the most recent volunteering experience that some of our SGA members assisted in….Check it out!


“Patapsco Heritage Greenway sponsored a cleanup of the Patapsco River in the Orange Grove Area of Patapsco Valley State Park in partnership with volunteers from Stevenson University.
On a cold and cloudy Saturday morning in the Orange Grove Area of the park, 8 volunteers helped remove 170 pounds of trash from the river and surrounding land!

 We found a large amount of litter and trash that was washed down the river such as bottles, cans, food wrappers and plastic bags. Some of the more unusual items washed down the river include a tire, bottles, shirts, rags, a large piece of waterlogged foam. Nature spottings include spiders, a baby toad, and a large flock of birds.

Thanks to our PHG Stream Captain Team member Justin Carlisle who helped run today’s event.

Special thanks to the students from Sevenson University who came out to help!

Great work and again, a big thank you to all our volunteers for a job well done!”


Terrapin Adventures

The SGA Senate and E-board took a trip to Terrapin Adventures for some bonding exercises… Check out what two of the senators had to say about the trip:

“I have to admit that our trip to Terrapin was exciting. After long hours of learning, students actually require stress-relieving activities like what went on at the park. The trip, to me, helped to foster good relationships and ties among us. I personally had the opportunity to know a lot about all of my colleagues in SGA (that’s if all members showed up). Again, I learned some important values pertaining to team work. As in how we have to always share ideas and divide responsibilities in order to achieving a common goal. I really had fun. Thank you for affording me such an opportunity!”



“Hey Baby.” Usually whenever someone would say this to me I would start walking in the other direction; now when I hear those words a smile rushes to my face when I remember the fun I had at Terrapin Adventures with SGA. We started in full swing with exciting leadership and teamwork activities. We reached new heights in effective communication with one another and learned how to sink or swim when new challenges were added to our life. Because of this SGA retreat I know that when I get myself in some hot lava there is always a friend at SU to help show me the ropes.



Sophomore Block Party

Here are some pictures from the Sophomore Block party!

First Fruit Farms

A group of SGA staff, senate, and executive board members went to First Fruit Farms in Freeland, Maryland this past Tuesday, September 8th.  First Fruit Farms Inc. is a non-profit organization that runs on the volunteer efforts from local participants around Maryland. Over the course of two hours, SGA members and staff harvested almost 1,000 pounds of apples! These apples went to local foodbanks to feed those who are less fortunate. The farm has hundreds of acres of land packed with crops from potatoes to corn. Volunteers are needed from early spring to late fall throughout the year to harvest the variety of crops. SGA’s next trip to First Fruit Farms should to be in early November to go cabbage picking.


Blog Post By: Cory Ott

Mr. and Ms. Stevenson

Mr and Ms SU

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Don’t forget to vote in the 2015-16 elections happening March 9th through 13th!

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Mr. and Mrs. SU

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